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Anabelle Chase

Anabelle Chase is Karen Thomas' pseudonym pen-name. She chose to write using a pen name for these fun, middle-grade, fantasy-fiction, family-friendly books, as they are a different genre and written for an audience much different from her romance readers. 

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The Queen's Birthday

A young dressmaker and her brother struggle to make ends meet on their farm. They will lose everything if not able to come up with a large payment by the end of the week. When Emily is hired to make a gown for Queen Alexandria's Birthday, the siblings hope it will be enough to save their home. However, things change in ways they never could have imagined when Emily happens upon an injured fairy in the woods.

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The Golden Daisy

A precocious young fairy enters a traditional competition to find The Golden Daisy, a fabled flower. No one has ever found it, but when Zalie accidentally happens to find it, the Queen of the flowers, she is rewarded with things far more precious.

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The Brave One

Aaila follows her seven-year-old son on a dangerous mission. Though, he no longer remembers who she is. She accepts that she will die protecting him. However, when they escape within the belly of a giant crocodile, things turn out to be far more than she could ever have imagined.

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