Water Foam

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

~ Nat King Cole ~

"My romance novels are light, fun, and sexy. They feature strong women, as well as men who are NOT the typical a-holes as in most of the stereotypical billionaire books.


Why can't a man be rich and a good person? Flawed, yes, (or else he would be boring), but good at heart.


Why can't the girl next door have a mind of her own?

I enjoy writing about those moments which can be both intimate and funny. Most importantly, my stories MUST end in a HEA - Happily Ever After."

~ Karen Thomas ~




Scene from Book 2 - David and Eliana's First Kiss


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Chapter 15 - The Kiss - Book 2 - The Billionaire's Phoenix


"Is there anything more dangerous and alluring than a handsome billionaire playboy?"
Gretchen Meyer ~ Author


Shelby Conan walks in on her fiancé in bed with one of her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding. She decides to go on the honeymoon cruise solo, to get away from it all. Little does she know, her cheating ex-fiancé is also on the cruise, and he's got another woman in tow. How could she bear to spend two weeks on the same ship with him and his new paramour? She needs to get off the vessel, but the ship has already left the docks. Her only chance of escape is to swim back to shore.

Billionaire playboy Ben Wellington, the owner of the Sapphire Siren of The Seas, has singled out a gorgeous supermodel for his playmate on the two-week cruise. Seducing beautiful women couldn't be easier for him, and everything is going as planned until a crazed woman knocks the air out of him, in a mad dash to jump overboard. Ben will do whatever it takes to stop her, even if he has to tie her to his bed. However, Shelby turns out to be a new kind of challenge for which Ben isn’t prepared.


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