Destiny - Flash Fiction

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

SOUND. THAT WAS the last thing to go. And now, it is the first thing you come to realize.

At first, it sounds like sheets of driving rain approaching, even as you try to recover from the grey nothingness which surrounds you.

The sound rumbles like rolling thunder in the distance. What could it be?

Then, as the grey fades, you see it… a train. You truly understand when the whistle sounds. It should be a shrill, high-pitched sound, piercing the evening sky, but instead, it sounds like the roar of ten thousand Dragons.

Even from this distance, you can't help but stare at the number: 1271. It's your number. You've never seen it before, but you know it is now your name.

Lava-like steam billows from the stack above the train, as the tracks blaze with fire and light in the wake of the black steam-engine. Chains rattle and metal clank, yet, as the iron beast approaches, you can't help but think, beautiful, shocking, sublime, dreadful, comforting.

You look around. You're not the only one at the station.

Scores of people are waiting. Some laughing, some wailing, some sobbing with faces in their hands. You have never seen a more glorious sight. Not until today. Not until after you had taken the sword for your king.

You would do it again, for, in so doing, you have fulfilled your destiny. You know this train makes many stops before its final destination. Now, all that is left is to discover which stop will be yours.

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