The Thing About Dragons - Flash Fiction

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Today’s flash fiction inspiration comes from the artist, Azany. You can check out more of their work at DeviantArt:

THE PROBLEM WITH being a dragon is that you’re so misunderstood. Don’t believe me? Well, listen to this:

One time, I was just minding my own business, taking a drink down by the river. Then, this guy comes charging up. A stranger I might add. He knew nothing about me. I had never even seen this guy before. Yet, up he comes, trying to pick a fight. He was all yelling and hollering like a deranged banshee, waving a shiny sword. Gave me an awful fright. Sheesh! I didn’t believe it when my mamma used to say;

“Stay away for humans. They don’t like people who are different from them.”

I used to want nothing more than to go to the village and meet the people who live there. At night I used to hear music and laughter echoing up to my cave in the mountain. They sounded so happy like they were having so much fun, doing whatever it is that humans do. And the food, OMG! The food. The delightfully delicious smells.

While it is true, I am a vegetarian. Still, the herbs and spices that flavored the air, trickling and tickling my pretty-pink, fluffy nostrils, was simply wonderful.

But, in hindsight, I guess mamma was right. I shouldn’t have flown so far down the river, so close to the village.

Here’s the thing. What happened next was entirely unintentional. It was an accident. Not my fault at all. I swear.

You see, when I get scared, I get the hiccups. It’s a pain in the tuchus.

The real problem is that my hiccups are filled with bursts of flames. What else could I do? Before I knew it, I had burnt the poor fella to a crisp.

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