Do Women Have Wet Dreams?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I did the research this topic for Book 2 of my Sapphire Siren of The Seas series - The Billionaire's Phoenix.

If you've read my romance novels you already know there are usually one or two scenes which are sexy as heck. This means I have to do the research for the best possible sex scenes.

To think, if my web browser history has this kind of trace information, can you imagine what's on Stephen King's browser history? Scary

The short answer to the question at hand is YES. Some women do have 'wet dreams.' The medical term is nocturnal emission.

Even though the females' 'wet dream' has actually not been widely studied, with a quick Google search, there is a sufficient amount of information available by which to have a better understanding of the topic.

We commonly link the term "wet dream" (nocturnal emission) with teen boys who, after having a sex-related dream, have an orgasm accompanied by ejaculation during sleep. This is a regular part of growing up, but some grown men may have wet dreams as well.

For ladies, however, the experience is less "wet" though still intense. The sex-related desires might result in genital lubrication as well as climax, commonly called nocturnal emission. They can take place during the teenage years and also throughout adulthood.

In 1953, Alfred Kinsey, the acclaimed sex researcher, estimated 70% of females had actually had sexual dreams at some time in their lives. By age 45, 37% of the females in his study group had a sex-related dream that brought them to a climax. The females who experienced nocturnal orgasms experienced them approximately three or four times per year.

A 1986 research study in The Journal of Sex Research suggested most females who had nighttime orgasms had their first experience before the age of twenty-one. Experiencing an orgasm while asleep is a lot more common amongst men than women. But there's no need for females to stress if they have nighttime climaxes. If they occur, that's perfectly normal.

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