I don’t like ‘jocks’ or playboys.


In fact, I teach women how to kick their asses.
I do this so no one has to be a victim like I was.
Never again would I depend on a man. They either leave or hurt you.
Like a phoenix, I rose from my circumstances.
I made myself strong. Secure. I pushed childish things aside and focused on my stable future.
But when he walked into my life he ruined everything.
He was used to flaunting his money, but it was his body I wanted. And he wanted mine…or so I thought.
He tricked me into following my dreams.
He made me lust—made me want to trust. Love.
Then he betrayed me.

Eliana was a fighter. She had to be. It was the only way to survive the horror of her past. But that strength alienated her from her sister, friends, and family.

David was a bad boy, fashion mogul, and business tycoon. Growing up in the inner city, then with a nomadic life, he learned to live fast, hard, and to trust no one.

During Eliana’s self-defense class, the pair clash. And their worlds collide with a passion neither expected. But will they be able to weather the flames of the Phoenix?

The Billionaire’s Phoenix is book 2 of the Sapphire Siren Cruise Ship Vacation Romance series. It may be read as a standalone, however, it is best if book 1 is read prior to this.

The Billionaire's Phoenix (Book 2 - Signed Copy)