There’s a storm between souls brewing at sea…


Ben treats the women in his life to shopping sprees, fancy dinners, and vacations. So when he dumps them, he doesn’t feel a bit guilty. But he has a new prize in his sights—a senior employee’s daughter. And to impress her, Ben’s taking the supermodel on an elaborate cruise.


It’s Shelby’s wedding day. The happiest day of her life—until she walks in on her fiancé with her bridesmaid. Dejected, she goes on the honeymoon alone to mend her broken heart. But her ex-fiancé has the same idea, and they end up on the cruise in the same room together.


Shelby intends to throw herself from the ship and swim to shore, until Ben grabs her at the last minute, saving her life. And for the first in his life, he feels something for the determined and slightly crazy redhead. But when their two lives collide on the on-deck, can they weather the storm to find each other, or will they be lost at sea?

The Billionaire's Siren (Book 1 - Signed Copy)